Catching you up a bit.

Been taking all sorts of college courses. Took "Intro. To Broadcasting", English Comp., "Broadcast Journalism", looking at fixing some past stuff in terms of credits. I will also be tightening up my Japanese and picking up Ainu as well.
A few weeks ago I was in Japan for a little under two weeks. I went to Osaka, Kyoto(just visited the train station, was meaning to meet a friend there), Tokyo, Sapporo and Shiretoko. I visited most of these places on the train with a JR Pass. I will be going there again as well, this time with the emphasis OFF shopping. Granted I went to more places in Japan then last time but comparatively few in terms of things I wanted to do. I went to the Ainu Museum which was awesome and will go back and spend a definite full day there, maybe even two. It was VERY cool. For all the beer drinkers there I went to the Sapporo Beer Museum and picked up a few glasses, even beer soap as well as a few other trinkets. At Shiretoko I picked up a few specialty jams. I found an awesome stationary set for my mom but it ended up stolen.
Past this, in Tokyo, I saw an AMAZING shrine in Asakusa, and words can barely describe. This sense of awe is more like you would feel looking at the Grand Canyon. It might not be quite as big but you see those buildings in movies and think there's no way they could be that big. News flash, some are definitely HUGE. I didn't even see some of the castles around.

Long, long time.

Hello everyone. It's been a long time. I'm not dead, I've just been on Facebook so long as a lot of people get on it and it doesn't look like a visual STD like MySpace.
I also found another really cool site called Lang-8. It's all about hooking you up with other people who wish to learn whatever your language is, with you desiring to learn theirs.
I highly suggest this site to those who want to learn other languages. They have all sorts of options for languages beyond the normal stuff, like Malaysian, Farsi, Ainu(have found almost no people wishing to learn this like myself), Tagalog(Filipino language), etc.

Getting back to LJ.

I've been posting a little bit on Facebook lately and need to get back here as well. Anyway for some new info on my new life, here's the deal.
I'm taking college classes again, a bit part for just job stuff, to look better in the job market to get a part time job. That's to gather up funds for various things for business building for example. Also some courses where I'd like to work ultimately.
I'm looking at double majors, one in Linguistics and Broadcast, minor in Theater and Business. I plan to take some film courses but the local community college doesn't offer it. Ultimately on the film side I'd like to shoot at least one if not two documentaries, and two feature films. After the film courses I want to just get better by experience. I'd like to intern with Justin Lin(he directed "Fearless" with Jet Li) in Hong Kong, get the experience of being able to do low budget and still have the product look good. I figure Hong Kong will give me that.
The course I'm taking right now is "Intro. To Broadcasting". Don't get me wrong, I have three courses. The other 2 courses start next month. One of these courses is an Excel Refresher and I'm thinking of taking a course on MS Office, to get some experience as well. Also I'm taking a not for credit class on Korean. I'd take a for credit of it but the community college doesn't offer it. I suppose next semester given enough enrollment for this one it might happen. This falls into Linguistics and acting. I want to know Korean so I can get to the point of speaking it fluently to do music or rather Hip-Hop overseas. Seeing more of the Korean Hip-Hop artists I like translated firsthand by me might give me more insight into different flow schemes whereby I might enrich myself in the process.
Hip-Hop in the U.S., at least on the mainstream, and maybe in the underground isn't really that abstract. I would argue you don't have layer after layer. Why not make it a tapestry as well though? Do it like some acclaimed movie directors. I would only argue you don't make it so deep to where people are lost trying to find it.
Anyway on another note, if this business thing ends up like I hope it will, that may cause me to need a MBA. I'm all about being diverse enough to make sure you're secure. Directing, acting, doing Hip-Hop and other genres of music, cooking, etc. All of this creates thread after thread to make one fairly snug. I also hope to bankroll all of these finances into eventually making enough money to create my own network. I might start it in Cable just for the lesser cost. I don't plan on staying there. Also the extra facilities I create, some may be just off center of the typical places, avoiding the flood plains in some, like in certain places in Texas. I apologize, I drag on too much.

I Wish You All To Be Well,
May You All Be Spared the Hardships of This Economy

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I was never a Bush fan and I'm not an Obamabot either. I gave Obama a shot, the man's a failure. He's a sad, sorry sack of shit. Do I sound bitter? Well perhaps I am because it's the same old shit. Makes promises and breaks them except the man tried to act like he was Heinz 57 and then we crack open the bottle and it's ketchup. Granted I wasn't expecting much out of the man to begin with. I was willing to give him a chance but I'm not surprised at the outcome.
Frankly Obama makes Bush good in his fiscal spending and that's not a compliment. Whenever you hear a complaint they say they inherited it. I'm sorry but after all the money you've thrown at the problem the excuse is no good. If the money was towards setting up small businesses all across the country coupled with industry making things in the U.S. this would be a real start in helping our economy thrive again. Couple that with advertising this all over the airwaves along with the new things made in the U.S. as well as the brands and you have a finish or one heck of a start.
The issue there is that makes sense towards spurring the economy and really reviving it. The goal of all this was to loot and pillage the economy, further consolidating the wealth and crippling the middle class. Couple that with the extra spending to the point of critical mass and the economy is crushed. After this immediately happens the only people with wealth in the Middle Class will be those that wisely invested in gold, silver, copper and land. Perhaps there might be something substantive with food stockpiled of quality Organic stuff instead of Victory gin and the like as well. I suppose firearms might also still have some worth.
Anyway the regular people's new wealth after this will be shit as well as the wage. Our Constitution will mean nothing since it will be a North American Union one. After all, the EU has one. Anyone starting to get the point now? The EU's is 11,000 pages. Now this is to make the Constitution seem LESS like a Constitution and more like a contract between two willing parties. This sounds better then you unwillingly gave up your countries sovereignty to join something not necessary to begin with. I mean we have all sorts of natural resources here, why the fuck do we truly need to trade?! Can someone answer me that with a straight face? We can grow Hemp, trees, cotton. We have Iron, Coal and Oil. This is nothing but a farce to think of it being legit. This is a manufactured crisis.
I advise protest and throwing the bums out of office. Basically I believe in following any and all peaceable means to deal with this before we must do worse and eject them with a minimum of force. But before let us do all we may peaceably.
I will say however if it is seen to be considered to have the internet compromised(I refer to the Internet being down) if we can not peaceably convince them to bring it back, including a threat of recall and impeachment and the like, then the minimum force necessary must be applied to bring it back online. The airwaves have been brought back to the public with truly everyone's voice to be heard, the power to allow this. We will not have this taken from us again. Such an act is intolerable and inexcusable regardless of whatever is spoken to this.
I leave this journal entry with something for you people to truly ponder. We have two choices: we can live in a society of extraordinary security where everything you do is judged and tracked. If you resist or challenge you will either be re-educated, imprisoned or killed. The other choice is we have a chance to live in a society where borders almost don't exist anymore. I refer to having a truly open exchange of information between us all, unmolested by our governments where we see each other as human beings.
Bottom line, there is no middle ground as the former is being heavily forced on us. I also believe there is an extraordinary and beautiful experiment to be seen in the latter, something unprecedented. This would truly be a direction we have never taken before.
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Hey all.

Can someone remind what is up with Liberals and this obsession with Google and G-mail?! Have these people ever looked into Google and their CIA or FBI connections? I think it's CIA. Maybe it's even NSA. I'm pretty sure it's CIA. My question is why should they be trusted, especially with this nonsense about all your e-mail convo's kept in Google's storage even after they're deleted.

Even their motto is subjective. I mean "Do No Evil" is a lot different then "Do No Harm". Like I said, it's subjective where "Do No Harm" implicitly says you won't committ ANY act that would harm someone. "Do No Evil" implies you would committ an act that causes bodily harm if you perceived it to be good or neutral. It's too gray from a legal sense and is nonsensical from a Spiritual one as well. I mean to believe that people are fully good or evil is so black and white and absurd. It's also so contextual and perceptual. Perceptual as it's obvious what one perceives as evil another may perceive as neutral or even good. That is not to say there are things that are pretty much cultural absolutes which most if not all societies worldwide would consider as forbidden actions.

More then anything "Do No Evil" is more of a feel good motto which sounds good but is empty. We're talking about something without teeth here.

Oh and let us do our duty to Google and paste them to the sticking post, the bulletin board, to explore the belly if need be and to furthermore demand a declarative about their intentions. A backing of this as well to not wreak of foeter pushed to the side as it were. The stench, the stench I hope not to wretch from this maw. Let this be reconciled with the door to the bathroom open and all the crap to see as soon as possible.
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What is and what should the Green movement be about?

I've expressed my stance to Nikki and others but let me sort out my frustration. Green, as it's portrayed primarily in the media, seems to be about Conservation and cutting back possibly. Here are a few of my obvious issues with this. While a good deal of the populace leads itself towards cowtowing towards taking guilt that only goes so far. You eventually will piss off even those people if you severely limit their electricity consumption, travel intake(taxing mileage), etc. I would argue the agenda of the Green people you see on TV is to cripple the American middle class economically as much as possible. The end game of this is to make people unable to take care of themselves, as dependent as possible on the Government who will poison them, make them weak and keep them meek. Whether of not all of them know they are doing this matters not.
Part of what needs to be done is to spread the counter message of self-sustainability which more people, be they Democratic, Conservative, Libertarian, etc. would glom onto. This enables one to be off the grid, not paying a for profit company that threatens their economic freedom moderately or less at the moment and severely through the Green Movement by way of Smart Grids in the future. In the latter this is just a part of it. Being off the grid, owning an Electric car that has good charge, growing your own crops, all of this frees up money in your pocket and allows you to be a viable competitor to the rich. This may not challenge them on their terms: for example, money. But having your own Corporation people buy from, starting your own WiFi radio show with your OWNED connection(I mean what is truly necessary to generate your own bandwidth? I bet you can make it now and have it be affordable, especially with Solar Panels and Biomass power production to do it).
Just some things here to make you think.

Bringing Obamamaniacs back to reality.

Let's look at how, since Obama has been elected, he's gone back on his word.

1.Don't ask, don't tell. Seriously what fucking rubbish. Obama's people say we're going to go back and do studies on it. Yeah cute after one of your own people said "yes" about getting rid of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and you back down like the spineless piece of shit you are.

2.State Secrets. So apparently some of these "terrorists"(I put quotations here because I consider the accusation they all are suspect) aren't being brought to trial because of the state secrets idea coming out. Forgive me if I'm a bit suspicious if this being anything BUT a load of horseshit.

3.Internet postings of bills like 24-48 hours before they're passed if not longer. Yeah they sure wanted to get that Stimulus load of nonsense passed asap.

Don't even give me the bullshit argument it's only been a month. Look up "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and look up the response. They clearly backpedaled. It's not even about it only being a month here, it's about what progress was made in saying that they were going to do something was wiped away.
I mean honestly what fucking nonsense. Even past you arguing on other things on Obama I still would be remiss if I didn't debate things going by the wayside that shouldn't. I happen to think Obama was supposedly presented as an alternate to Bush who gave a shit about Civil Rights. I wasn't holding my breath mind you but I would liked to be proven wrong but what do we see? Let me count the ways.

1.NONE of Bush's signing statements have been reversed. So you have the "Enemy Combatant" charge and anyone can go in jail if the accusation is thrown at them for an undetermined time.

2.No push for the Patriot Act being repealed.

Oh and let's see one of the big criticism's of Bush:

1.He's lazy and never did anything for the most part, instead spending large portions of time on vacation. What makes Obama different here then Bush? I mean it seems the only difference is Obama is more acting like a big celebrity on tour instead of cracking down and doing his job!

Seriously Obamamaniacs get your head out of your ASS!


p.s. I haven't scratched much of the surface. I plan to have another post berating all the pork and one of the 1984esque moments of the Stimulus Bill.

Is Green the new race card?

Now before I'm discounting race as an issue I'm not. I'm referring to the idea of anything involving Black and White and something discouraging happening to some Black people automatically being chalked up to race. So here I lead into why I ask if "Green" is the new race card.

First off a little history about what being "Green" has implied in the media as of late. Green has implied being energy efficient, if not saving energy as well, the conservation aspect of it. Now it seems the SMART Grid, which sounds great but here it is in English. This is after reading it at Wikipedia mind you. Basically this is adding sensors to your power in real time so when peak goes on they can gouge you in milliseconds instead of seconds or minutes after it hits. Also this is a way of automating your power station more if not further decentralizing it arguably. This "Demand Response" mentioned also will turn on your "low priority" devices only when it's cheapest or so it says. I would not be surprised if this gets to how bandwidth is for Broadband providers where one of two things happens: 1.Your power consumption is drastically cut for the rest of the month and only low power devices are allowed to be on. 2.You get a message by phone or whatever you've gone over your limit and your power is cut off or you're double or triple billed.

One is more likely to happen I believe as it can be softened in some way. Well perhaps two might slowly happen afterward. I could really see it just you getting gouged in terms of extra minutes like cell phone companies do with their plans.

Part of this is supposedly to save companies from spending money on extra plant or plants. It says something like 10% more power 1% of the time. I'd argue that isn't that a wise thing just in case? I seriously think throwing emergency situations to the wind just because of start up costs is absurd.
Lynn put out the idea of the Smart Grid's cutting your power if you go over your allotted ration. I don't know if it would be like this but more like the bandwidth idea. Regardless of which happens I don't like either. We're talking people's livelihood here.

But my issue is the idea of me, Lynn or anyone saying we have a problem with this and someone kneejerking with the yell of "Polluter!, polluter!", not giving any of us a chance to speak a word. This is reminiscent of two people, Black and White, having problems with each other and someone pointing at them from outside or perhaps the Black person yelling "Racist, racist!". I really doubt the Black person will yell that but someone else might as a kneejerk. This is why I wonder if Green is the new Race card. Perhaps that's not even a fair assessment. Maybe I should question if this is the new Anti-Semite/Israel card. You know, where you have issues with Israel and you're automatically labeled an Anti-Semite before you even get your reasons out.

Oh and I didn't even mention the double tarriff meter mentioned for overseas due to industries power stresses in peak times. Jeez I should argue THAT seems like whoever believes that nonsense would think "Net Neutrality" is dumb. I mean it basically argues businesses take priority over people in peak time when I think it should be both are equal. No offense but some of these are the same businesses that leave all their lights on. I'm talking about the skyscrapers that do it.

Anyway here's the link:
"Demand response support" headline mentions the whole 10% thing though it says usage of power and it's 1% of the time. The "low priority" device thing is mentioned at the very beginning of the article I believe. It is in reference to "Demand response support".
The "Price Signaling to consumers" headline talks about the double tarriff meters and tweaking up the costs to consumers as soon as it hits peak time hence my milliseconds comment.

Frankly this pisses me off as I like the Organic aspect to Green as well as being self-sustainable. The latter I refer to is in reference to being economically free of the power companies. Unfortunately a narrow section of the Green movement is being used and in a highly negative, restrictive way(Conservation). I don't think this should be the main focus of the Green Movement at all and any of us who consider ourselves Green should let it be known that eating healthy, eating Organic and becoming self-sustainable is the best thing to come from being Green. This huge self-empowerment one can receive from it.
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Let it flow.

Just let my mind relax and converge on the proper syntax,
the most proper to compose this line, this rhyme.
Seems to be most of us have migrated.
We haven't gotten tired of the Conflagration or perhaps we have.
Instead of bragging about Sonic Assault, our job is to vault
walls the size of old Berlin time and again.
It seems 1984 is trying to close in on us but together we
can better the weather.
If not the end result seems unfathomable, scarcely imagineable.
I'd rather fight till the breath ends in a ragged gasp.
No perhaps, no boost, no gloat.
Further towards the dark and thrust we must even if we seem to be tilling at Windmills.
The impossible, most improbable is the one that may deflate the most, being boostful
and a high braggart.
What seemed one a feat, a wall that no man could leap, is now within' bounds.
When I looked around, I saw it was him and she and me.
We had all pushed each other away from the grain, the music, the life, the wife, the partner.

Day Of Remembrance topic.

Today is the Day Of Remembrance for Transgendered individuals who have died under tragic circumstances. See murder for one. Being that it's time to remember this I think we should look back on Duanna Johnson first, who was murdered November 9th, being gunned down by 3 men who then left the scene.
Previously she had been booked on Prostitution charges in June. While in interrogation one cop proceeded to beat her, the other holding her back so as to keep her from escaping. She was eventually dropped off at the hospital and filed a suit with the police department.
Info is at these links: place I got the info from in written form)

Third link has the video of the beating. You can clearly see one officer holding her back.

The last link indicates the lawsuit against the police department will still be filed.

If you wonder why I am so big on making sure this thread is noticed, one of the big reasons is the murder rate among Transgender or Transsexual.
The number is 1 in 12 according to the Human Rights Campaign but others tout it lower. Regardless, this number will still be high given what it challenges.